Language at your service

Language is a powerful and multi-functional tool. If used conscientiously and purposefully it becomes an invaluable ally that can lead to outstanding results. Familiarity with the subject matter and linguistic competence are two factors that play a fundamental role in the focused and effective use of the written or spoken word. I work exclusively in fields in which I have a high level of skill and expertise and in languages that I am completely comfortable with: Italian, English, Spanish, German and French.

Translation & Transcreation

Fact: you have written a text and now wish to translate it. Problem: who can you turn to? Solution: to a communications expert whose first question is “What type of text is it?”. Because any professional and experienced translator knows that all texts cannot be treated equally, especially if quality is a priority.

The translation of a manual for a household appliance requires specific attention to the accuracy of technical terms and clarity in the description of instructions. The translator must never lose sight of the text’s primary objective — i.e. to allow the buyer to correctly and safely use the purchased product —, so technically precise and yet easily-understandable language must be used.

On the other hand, the translation of a tourist brochure requires a completely different approach. Even if it includes practical information, its purpose is not to inform, but to engage, interest and stimulate the reader. Words are a tool to impact the reader, and this is the translator’s main focus. By adapting the content to fit the perceptions, customs and traditions of the target audience, the communication specialist is able to transmit a mood rather than just a message.

Proofreading & Correction

Writing is an art form. It demands training and experience, inspiration and expertise. Sometimes you cannot find the right words to express yourself and get caught up in a complicated web of confused passages, repeated concepts and illogical omissions, even when you know exactly what you want to say. Other times you are so focused on the content that you disregard the form, overlooking embarrassing spelling or grammatical mistakes or ignoring the most basic rules of style and presentation. Every now and again a well-thought-out piece of writing is jeopardized by poor layout, last-minute additions or updates, or simply by oversights in the final proofreading.

If you feel that your text needs polishing or fixing, if your text “sounds too much like a translation”, or if you need a third party to read over your document prior to publication, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would be delighted to help you create an end product of the very highest quality.

Liaison Interpreting

“You stole the words right out of my mouth,” a translator might say to an interpreter. In fact, the fundamental difference between translation and interpreting is the means of communication: the translator writes, the interpreter speaks.

When the lack of a common language between two people or groups of people makes spoken communication impossible, the interpreter steps in to translate between the two languages, acting as a linguistic bridge and allowing the parties involved to converse with ease.

Are you organising a business meeting or lunch with a foreign partner? Do you want to attend a trade fair or an international convention? Have you run into difficulties in Spain or Italy and need to consult a local doctor or report the matter to the local police? I can accompany you and ensure smooth communication in every situation.


A transcription of an audio or video file may be required for many different purposes. It is often the first step in the creation of subtitles for a corporate presentation or an advertisement, the writing of an article based on a recorded interview, the summary of a conference speech or the translation of the message into a foreign language.

I am happy to help if you need verbatim (word-for-word, including interruptions, false starts, background noise, etc.) or edited transcriptions (improving grammar or vocabulary to make the text fluid and logical) of an audio or visual recording.

Language lessons

Since 2009 I have had the chance to apply my extensive linguistic expertise as a private teacher for children, young people and adults. Over the years I have developed a rich array of educational tools and effective techniques.

Every face-to-face or Skype-based Italian, English, German or Spanish lesson offers me the perfect opportunity to share my passion for language with those seeking to learn for study, work or pleasure.